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Friday, May 7, 2010

Update Time!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't posted since January! My course work at the University took up all my time, and I am in fact graduating (finally!) with my BA in Humanities! As far as translating goes, my goal for the summer is to have all of chapter one translated by the end of it.

Also, I have made modifications and changes to the glossary, the ring poem and the first page of chapter one. I would very much like everyone's feedback on this. I know that a couple of the lines in the poem are still clunky, but I couldn't find another word to replace tenebricosus. Obscurus came close but it didn't have the connotations that tenebricosus has. So it will have to stay since it fits Sauron so well :P

Oh, there's also a search engine at the top of the page so you can now search the blog for stuff. I hope it helps! I'm currently working on page two of chapter one, and I'll update again when I have it done (hopefully in a week, don't quote me on that though!). Take care, and please comment, I know it's been months since I posted but I hope that most of you are still around for discussion. Valete vobis!